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Reward Details

1. Who is eligible for the Rewards?

All Presenters are eligible for all rewards!

2. What are the qualification requirements?

Each presenter must earn:

  • 150 presenter points for the Dining Reward.
  • 600 presenter points for the City Break Reward.
  • 3'000 presenter points for the Family Holiday Reward.

3. What is the qualification period?

Each calendar year is divided into 3 qualification periods.

  1. 1st January - 30th April.
  2. 1st May - 31st August.
  3. 1st September - 31st December.

4. Can I Qualify More than once?

Each Presenter can qualify for each reward once per qualification period, so you can earn all rewards up to 3 times per calendar year! 

Presenter points from a previous qualification period do not roll-over to the next.

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