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Our Story

The Story Behind Valentina

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that sparked the idea for Valentina. On a trip, we met a group of indigenous people who kept amulets with them at all times, worn around their necks, close to their hearts. Each amulet held special significance for the wearer, from rites of passage to important personal events.

Inspired by this tradition, Valentina was created to enable all people to keep their precious memories close to them in the same way.

The Design

These people treasured their amulets and wore them at all times. We liked the idea so much that we wanted to enable more people to do the same. We felt it important to make the container elegant and we wanted a design which would encourage people to share their stories.

After returning to England, we sat down and started considering the approaches we could take to combine the essence of this ancient tradition with the modern sensibilities of our own culture. It was important that we loved the items ourselves, or we would never have been able to offer them to others and feel that we were building on the traditions rather than eroding them.

As we continued to work, slowly but surely, a beautiful jewellery collection emerged. Refined and endlessly personalisable, Valentina jewellery has wide ranging appeal and each locket carries within it a unique story.