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The First Step: Planning Your Launch Party

Guest Contributor Party Planning Training

It’s an exciting time when the kit arrives and the first preparations are being made to launch your new business, but for many new distributors the first few steps can be a little overwhelming. 

When you start to really consider holding parties, the excitement can give way to uncertainty and trepidation. Uncertainty stops many new distributors in their tracks so it is important that you seek clarity from your mentor on anything that you are unsure of. The primary role of a mentor is to guide new distributors through this stage and help them find their feet.

The launch party is the first step in launching your Valentina business. This is when you’ll introduce your business to your friends and family and book your first few parties. I always recommend that new distributors hold a launch party as soon as possible after their kit arrives, as the most important thing is to get started!

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to sell at your launch party. The focus of the launch party is to create a fun experience and to share your excitement with your guests so that they will want to book their own parties!

| "The most important thing is to get started!"

The launch party is a great learning experience. You’ll fulfil the role of both hostess and jeweller, so you’ll be be able to coach your future hostesses from first hand experience.  

The Jewellery Show Planner

The Jewellery Show Planner is a great tool for planning a home party, you really can't go far wrong if you follow the steps outlined on there. This is intended for use by hostesses, and your launch party is a great way to fully familiarise yourself with it.

When used in conjunction with the Monthly Jewellery Show Planner you have everything you need to plan both individual parties and the monthly schedule for your Valentina business.

2-3-2 Launch Party

A 2-3-2 launch party consists of 2 parties per day, for 3 days on 2 different weeks. This is the format I recommend for all new distributors in my team when their mentor is unable to personally attend their launch party.

For the launch of your business, this format has many benefits over a standard party. It does not require extensive planning in order to fit around everyone's schedules and it ensures that everyone who is interested is able to attend. As an added bonus it gives you significant practice at demonstrating the products, which will help you to gain confidence and develop your skills.

Booking a party requires planning and most guests will need 1-2 weeks advance notice in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. Using the 2-3-2 format for your launch will allow you to launch immediately and will ensure that all guests are able to attend.

The launch party is the first step to building a successful Valentina business. In addition to booking your first few Jewellery Show's you'll also gain confidence and develop valuable skills.


About The Author

Jessica is a Senior Director at Valentina. She has over 10 years experience as a party planner and is currently mentoring a team with over 20 qualified team leaders in her first level.

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